10 City Codes To Know

10 City Codes Merriam Residents Should Know

The City of Merriam is committed to maintaining a clean and attractive community by encouraging residents to comply with municipal codes. Our city will continue to be a beautiful place where people enjoy living if we all work together to abide by these codes. Here are 10 that especially apply to residential properties:

1. Exterior Building Maintenance
All exterior building maintenance surfaces including doors, soffits, eaves, windows, porches and trim must be maintained and in good condition. Peeling, flaking or chipped paint should be eliminated and the surface repaired. Sidewalks, driveways and parking areas must be free of hazardous conditions. Accessory structures, fences and walls must also be maintained.

2. House Numbers
Clearly posted house numbers are one way to ensure that first responders (police, fire, paramedics) can get to you quickly in the event of an emergency. All street address numbers must be visible from the street in front of the house or building. Numbers must be at least four inches in height and in a contrasting color from your house. And remember that trees and shrubs can cover numbers if not properly trimmed and maintained.

3. Uncontrolled Vegetation
Lawn mowing is required. Weeds, grasses and other controlled vegetation must be kept below 10 inches in height on all properties. Property owners are required to mow any area between their property line and the adjacent curb or street, including any ditch area.

4. Tree Maintenance
Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of trees on their private property and trees located in the adjacent right-of-way areas. Dead trees and/or fallen tree limbs must be removed from the property. If you are planning to replace or add trees on your property, please be aware that there are specific regulations governing how to plant in right-of-way areas.

5. Inoperable Vehicles

The outside storage of inoperable vehicles is not allowed. All vehicles must be operable and licensed.

6. Outside Storage
Most household items cannot be stored outside. The only items allowed outside without restrictions are lawn furniture, barbecue grills, arbors, trellises and flagpoles. Some other items may be stored outside such as trash cans, boats, trailers, campers and firewood. Certain other restrictions also apply to how items are stored outside. See below.

7. Trash Containers and Collection
Trash must be collected at least once per week at all properties. On trash collection day, containers, filled bags and bundled tree branches or newspapers may be placed outside on private property for pickup. On other days, containers must be stored indoors, outside behind the front building line, or screened from view.

8. Storage of Firewood and Compost Bins
Firewood and compost bins may be stored outside if they are located behind the front of the house and not within three feet of any property line. Firewood must be neatly stacked and should be raised to discourage rodent activity. Compost bins should be maintained in a way that is not a nuisance to neighbors.

9. Boats, RVs, Trailers, Campers and Camper Tops
These items may be stored outside if they are located behind the front building line and not within seven feet of the side property line. They must be located on a hard surface (asphalt or concrete) as required for off-street parking. In the case of a corner lot, other requirements must be met.

10. Off-Street Parking
All off-street parking surfaces must be graded and paved with asphalt or concrete. Parking of vehicles on the grass or other non-paved parking surfaces is not allowed. Driveways and other parking areas should be maintained and free of cracks, potholes, and other defects. Some homes in Merriam have gravel driveways and parking areas that existed before paving regulations were put in place. Gravel areas cannot be extended and must be maintained free of bare spots and vegetation. The outdoor storage or overnight parking of a truck, bus or trailer with a manufacturer’s rating of greater than 15 MR is prohibited in residential districts.

Misc. Permits
Some home repairs and alterations may require that you obtain a building permit, including fence and roof installation and driveway replacements. You may obtain a permit from the Community Development Department at City Hall, 9001 W. 62nd Street, Merriam, Kansas 66202.

Have questions or need more information?

Never hesitate to contact Merriam’s Community Development Department for clarification or questions about any of the city’s municipal codes. Staff wants to work with residents to keep the community “Just Right!”

Merriam Community Development
Phone number: 913-322-5520
Email: ComDev@merriam.org

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