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Electrical Safety
The Merriam Fire Department would like to remind you of the hazards associated with electricity. Knowing what could possibly be an electrical hazard and avoiding it could prevent injuries and possibly save your life and/or someone else's life. The following safety tips obtained from the KCPL booklet entitled "Electrical Safety and You". Please note the following safety tips for electricity: 
  • Check the wattage on electrical appliances before plugging them in to ensure that the circuit will handle the load safely. Never overload a circuit.
  • Electricity will go to ground through any good conductor: metal, liquid, or you! Stay out of its path.
  • Fuses or circuit breakers "blow" when there is an overload, short or faulty appliance. Fix the trouble before restoring power.
  • Metal can conduct electricity and you need to unplug any electrical appliance before putting any metal object into that appliance.
  • Never touch an electrical cord or appliance with wet hands.
  • Never use any electrical appliance while in the bathtub or shower.
  • People are good conductors of electricity. Make sure to not stand in water or on a damp floor when using any electrical device.