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You don't have to live near water to become a flood victim. In fact, everyone lives in a flood zone and it is just a matter of how likely it is that a flood will hit your home. Unfortunately, floods are the most common natural disaster.

Some Causes of Floods
Prolonged rainfall over several days or an ice jam can cause a river or stream to overflow and flood the surrounding area. A flash flood from a broken dam or levee or after intense rainfall of one inch (or more) per hour often catches people unprepared.

Keeping Safe
Regardless, the rule for being safe is simple: head for the high ground and stay away from the water. Even a shallow depth of fast-moving flood water produces more force than most people imagine. The most dangerous thing you can do is try walking, swimming, or driving through such swift water.

Still, you can take steps to prepare for these types of emergencies. Hold a family meeting to discuss and finalize your Home Flood Plan.

Where To Go
Identify where you could go if told to evacuate and choose several places, such as a friend's home in another town, a motel, or a shelter.

More Information
For more information on flood safety, please contact the Merriam Fire Department at 913.322.5530.