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Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials Response
The Merriam Fire Department (MFD) responds to a variety of different call types including hazardous material spills. The City of Merriam doesn’t have any large chemical manufacturers or storage facilities; however, it does have approximately one mile of six lane interstate and one mile of double rail line running centrally north and south. Hazardous materials are constantly transported using these modes of transportation. The likelihood of a major incident occurring is extremely low, but accidents can happen.

The MFD has been trained and will respond to all hazardous material spills. They will minimize damage caused by the hazardous material and will help those of you who are in immediate danger. The MFD has the capability to handle most spills, and will request the aid of surrounding fire departments, police, and local hazardous material contractors if spills are considered too large for MFD to handle on its own.

Signs of a Spill
Signs of a possible spill include strong odors, although not all chemicals have an odor; watering of the eyes or nausea; and liquids that have a foam or oil like appearance. If a spill occurs near your location, then you are advised to Shelter-In-Place until further notice.

In Case of a Hazardous Materials Spill
Shelter-In-Place Disaster Supplies
  1. Move inside a dwelling
  2. Bring pets inside
  3. Close and lock all windows, doors, and fire place dampers
  4. Seal gaps under doorways and around windows. Duct Tape works well
  5. Turn off all ventilation units
  6. Turn on a radio for further emergency instructions
  7. Stay off phone lines if possible. Emergency responders may need to use these
  8. Do not attempt to pick up children from school as these places have their own shelter-in-place plans
  • Can opener – hand powered
  • Cash or Credit cards
  • Duct Tape 
  • Emergency food and water 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Personal medications 
  • Radio
  • Shoes

Please note that in case of a hazardous materials spill, you may be advised to evacuate depending upon the severity of the spill in your area.