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How To Use 9-1-1
When there is an emergency, lives are in danger, serious injury, crime in progress or any other situation needing immediate attention, dial 911!

For non-emergency questions or complaints, please call the Merriam Police Department at (913) 322-5560 or the non-emergency dispatch at (913) 782-0720.

What should you do if you see a crime occuring?
Call 911 immediately. Be observant and make mental notes. 

  • Are there any weapons involved?
  • What is the address?
  • Any physical characteristics such as height, weight, race, facial hair, scars, or tatoos?
  • Any clothes discription?
  • How many people involved?
  • Are there persons involved on foot or in a vehicle?

Do I have to give my name when I call 911?
If you wish to remain anonymous or keep information confidential, just tell the operator.