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Preventing Accidents, Power Tools & Electrical Safety Outside
Preventing Accidents
  • Know your electrical appliances, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure that appliances and power tools have the label of a national testing laboratory
  • Turn off and/or unplug electrical appliances when you go out. Teach this good habit to your children
  • Use extension cords safely, keep them out of and away from moisture, heat sources, metal pipes and never put them under a rug or carpet

Power Tool Safety
  • Before using a power tool check it for wear and corrosion
  • Clean them on a regular basis and inspect the cord well to ensure safe operation
  • Keep work and storage areas clean and dry. This will help eliminate some safety hazards
  • Use a heavy-duty cord with a three prong grounding plug

Electrical Safety Outside
  • Always plug outdoor appliances into a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet
  • Before digging, learn the locations of underground power lines and other utilities
  • If you see a downed power line call 911 and warn others away
  • Keep ladders, kites and TV antennas away from power lines
  • Never build a garage, swimming pool, or any other type of structure under the power line leading to your house
  • Never climb power poles, transmission towers or fences around substations
  • Teach children to stay clear of all electrical installations
  • Use only electrical equipment designed for outside use