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Electrical Fire Safety & Electric Shock
Electrical Fire Safety Tips
  • Call the Fire Department at 911. Be sure to give your name, address, and tell them it is an electrical fire
  • If the fire is too big don't panic, get everyone out of the house fast
  • If you have a fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires, the fire is small, and if you are comfortable, put the fire out. Never use water
  • If you see flames or smell smoke, unplug the appliance or turn the power off at the main control panel
  • Know your emergency numbers and post them near or on the telephone
  • Rehearse your response in advance. Fire drills save lives

If Someone Is Shocked
  • Administering CPR requires training. Contact the Merriam Fire Department at 913.322.5530 for information on how to get the required training
  • Check for burns, do not touch the burn or break blisters. Get Medical help immediately. Electrical burn damage may not be immediately apparent
  • Do not touch anyone in contact with the power source. Unplug the appliance or shut the power off at the main control panel. Call 911 for help
  • If the victim is pulseless and not breathing start CPR