Aldridge Studio Painters - October 3 - November 2

Donna Aldridge, Chrystial Davis, Louise Davis, Sharon DeFreece, Peggy Evans, Fani Schifman, Helen Fisher, Laura Lee Grace, Jennylynne Gragg, Barbara Hancock, Karen Herman, Rick Hines, Pat Hogan, Pat Jessee, Phyllis Nolan, Gloria A. Parsley, Gwenna Pence, Carol Rubsam, Susan West Sommerlath, Glora Spurlock,  Vicki B. Thompson, Suta Tilton and Mary Kay VonErdmannsdorff. 

Donna Aldridge PSA M-MAPS, began her art career as a muralist, as soon as she chould crawl over to the wallpater with something that would make marks. She is a national and insternational award-winning painter with works in 28 countries. She paints landscapes, still lifes and protraits, has wroked in everypainting and printmaking medium and throughly enjoys teaching painting.

Chrystal Davis:  My passion for nature and the love of animals are what fuels my creativity for my paintings. I am a self-taught artist inspired and mentored by many local and nationally known artists. Oils are my passion and what I excel in. I also paint in pastels. I am currently pursuing my art journey by experimenting with new ideas, techniques, and mediums.

Louise Davis has an MFA from KU and has taught there and other places, including the KC Art Institute. She’s won a large number of awards for both fiber works and her paintings—and continues to paint!

Sharon DeFreece: I have loved to draw as long as I can remember. After my children were born, I enrolled in all the art courses I could find in Johnson County Community College. I now am enjoying the Gallery experience as Artist-in-Residence at the First Art Gallery of Olathe, teaching watercolor there; I specialize in personal portraits and accept 

Peggy Evens:  Retired housewife, enjoying learning to paint.

Fani Schifman: Throughout my lifetime, I have pursued art in various forms.  My painting style is constantly evolving, but is always informed by nature, architecture and my life experiences.

Helen Fisher served as a Docent at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for 40 years. She has been painting for the last 7 years.

Laura Lee Grace: Pastels were my first medium but after about 3 years, I moved to oil paints which are so “forgiving” and which I love to use. I paint a little of everything: portraits, still life, landscapes and many animals including tigers, horses, dogs, owls and African animals.

Jennylynne Gragg: As an artist, the intimate scenes of nature, the intricate beauty of flowers, the shimmer of water, the bark patterns of trees and the softness of animal’s coats, inspire my art quest. We cannot have a passion for our world if we cannot see the beauty and diversity.

Barbara Hancock: I work mostly with pastels and my favorite models are ancient stone and wood.   They have endured   all that time has thrust upon them and yet, they continue to amaze us with their beauty.

Karen Herman has played notably active rolls in several major organizations set up to benefit others.  She has painted with both pastels and oils, focused usually on landscapes and still lifes.

Rick Hines: I’ve been drawing or coloring as far back as I can recall. Pastels and drawing are my favorite mediums.    

Pat Hogan has been a watercolor artist for many years, most recently painting swans, giraffes and other interesting animals. 

Pat Jessee: The painting “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” came in a dream. I was in a baseball stadium and I saw an American Flag with people holding it horizontally. Then the flag ripped. I woke up and thought what was that all about. Then I saw in my mind, an American Flag put back together securely with a rope and grommets.

Phyllis Nolan loved painting and drawing as a child but this interest was interrupted by a long career in business at Hallmark Cards and Peruvian Connection. She lives with her husband Ron in Louisburg, KS where she has a home studio in her barn. Other interests include serving on volunteer boards and playing golf.

Gloria A Parsley: Painter and photographer. After retiring corporate life, she initiated the study of painting various mediums: watercolor, acrylic and oil as well as photography. She has had her own exhibits specifically in photography both in the USA and abroad. Her favorite subjects to paint are landscapes.

Gwenna Pence is an established portrait painter known for capturing her subject’s personality. Her still life work focuses on vibrant color and a strong palette   knife.

Carol Rubsam: Having spent 40 years in the corporate world, beginning a new career as a professional artist was not only a real joy but a challenge. I started by taking a class in oil painting in my late 40’s and have since expanded my media skills to include graphite and charcoal drawings, and pastel paintings. Love this new   life.

Susan West Sommerlath:  I studied French and Art History at KU. Began my creative career as a fiber artist and have been published in Better Homes and Gardens, Good Ideas for Needlework and Great American Quilts.   I’ve been painting in oils for years.   I love composition, color and    creativity!

Gloria Spurlock: I’ve painted for some 20 years, landscapes, figures and still lifes, picking subjects mainly because of requests from my children, grandchildren and great   grandchildren!

Vicki B. Thompson: After creating a paint-by-number painting for her mother when she was 6, Vicki Thompson did not enter the real art world until 40 years later. Vicki is mostly a studio painter, but will occasionally paint en plein air when the weather is right and the bugs and ticks are biting someone else.

Suta Tilton, a retired nurse, now has been painting for the last 7 years and would like to learn to work in all the painting mediums!

Mary Kay VonErdmannsdorff: Late bloomer, very little art education or experience in high school or college. Started doing watercolor in the 90’s and then moved to pastels and found my “happy place”.