Frequently Asked Questions

* Click here for an Overall Project Update from Aug. 28, 2018.

Updated 11/14/17

What is the timeline for this project?

The current proposed timeline is:

  • September 2017 – February 2018: Project Team Selection (Owners’ Rep, Architect and Contractor)
  • February 2018 – Fall 2018: Design
  • Late 2018 – 2020: Construction
  • 2020: Opening

A more specific timeline will be established once the architect and contractor are selected.

Will the outdoor pool be open during construction?

The outdoor pool will be open for the 2018 season and will close once school begins for the year. Depending on the final schedule (see above), construction on site would begin after that.  The outdoor pool will be closed for the 2019 season.  More information about outdoor pool options available to Merriam residents will be available closer to that time.

When will the new community center open?

It is scheduled to open in 2020.  More information about when in 2020 will be available after the architect and contractor are selected.

What opportunities will be available for residents to participate in the design process?

The City conducted an extensive public engagement process to determine community priorities as part of the study we did to develop the “build new option” for voters to consider on the September 2017 ballot issue.  Those studies are available here and will be used as the roadmap for the architect to design the facility.  We will continue to utilize the resident-led Parks Board and Facility Steering Committee to bounce ideas off of during the design process, and plan to provide an opportunity for resident feedback before finalizing the design as well.

How are you selecting the design team and contractor for this project?

After analyzing the different procurement methods for a project of this size and scope, the City has decided to move forward with a design-build process.  The City will hire one team that includes both a contractor and architect from the beginning.  This method not only streamlines the design and construction process, but is based on a foundation of teamwork and collaboration, with the end goal of delivering the project on time and on budget.  The design-build team will be selected through a competitive request-for-qualifications (RFQ) / request-for-proposals (RFP) process.  

What will happen to the Irene B. French Community Center?

The location of the IBFCC is an important asset to our community, not just because of its historical significance, but also because of its key location in downtown Merriam.  Once design is complete on the new facility, the City plans to go through a process with significant community input to identify the best use for the current site and determine how to honor its history while making it an asset for future generations as well.