Back Roads and Dirt Roads

Tim Murphy Art Gallery
Irene B. French Community Center
5701 Merriam Drive, Merriam, KS 66203
February 7 - 23
Featuring: Nate Evans, Geoffrey Ristau and Linda Guenther

Nate Evans

Nate Evans has always had a love for the arts. Spanning over 20 years as a professional recording artist, his passion for photography started when he purchased a camera to shoot his own music video footage. The rest is history.  Nate had found another way to express his love for the arts through photography. 
In his first year, he was already being featured in "Starbucks" and art galleries across Kansas City.  He then started his own company, NateEvansProductions, which offers a variety of services from professional photography and canvas prints, to video production and more.
"I love being able to bring joy to people through photography.  Every day is a good day when you're doing something you love."  

Geoffrey Ristau

Geoffrey has always appreciated and admired good images that tell a story, captures a moment in time and makes him think.   Since getting his start in photography about 7 years ago, when his wife bought him a used camera, he has learned how to see life through a lens and appreciate the world he sees through his lens. 
Mostly self-taught, Geoffrey started shooting his kids athletic events.  He took a class that forced him out of his photography comfort zone and not only capture the moments but the world we live in.  Always trying to expand his photography skills, Geoffrey was given the opportunity to photograph the National Drag Racing event in Topeka last year, and both Kansas and Kansas State home football games last fall.   On several Friday nights you also might see Geoffrey taking photo’s at Lakeside Speedway. 
In the computer age, Geoffrey tries to minimize the post processing effects to his images, if you would like to see more of Geoffrey’s work, you can look at his website 
Thank you for viewing the images at the Merriam Community Center.

Linda Guenther

First, as a photographer and then as digital artist, I like creating one of a kind images. By combining images, adding filters and adding overlays, the viewer not only is drawn to the subject matter but also the technique. 
My works have won numerous awards and have appeared in magazines and calendars. Currently, the Contemporary Art Gallery, in the Paseo Art District, Oklahoma City, the Stillwater Community Center, and Cornerstone Dentistry represent my works. 
Photography has afforded me the opportunity to travel many miles and see many beautiful places. It has also given me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.