Wall of Fame Exhibit

Featuring Artists:

Beverly Amundson, Tricia Anderson, Ione Angilan, Lana Cease, Cris Chapin, Roger Cissner, Alan Collins, Delores Craig, Marla Craven, Ric Cummings, Linda Davies, David DeArmond, Larry DeGraff, Marcus Dowty, Michael Duane, Kermit Dyer, Gayle Faulkner, Loreta Feeback, June Fiola, Karen Frisbie, Gloria Gale, Teresa Grove, Karen Harding, Norma Herring, Jean Jansen, Pat Jessee, Marcia Kenley, Catherine Kirkland, Robert Klausing, Chris Langseth, Gregory Larson, Ernest Lowden, Eileen McCoy, Marilee Means, Connie Mowe, Jhulan Mukharji, Barbara O'Leary, Pat Pummill-Betteridge, Geoff Ristau, Carol Rubsam, Diane Stolz, Tom Strongman, R. Gregory Summers, Ellen Sweeny, Jean Terry, John Thomas, Cathie Thompson, Michael Walsh, Chun Wang, Donna Yeager. 

The Merriam Parks & Recreation Department would like to invite you to the new location of the Tim Murphy Art Gallery, at the Merriam Community Center, 6040 Slater Street.
Tim Murphy Art Gallery's inaugural Wall of Fame exhibit is on display July 25 - August 29. For this exhibit we have invited artists that have previously displayed their works at the gallery over the last 25 years to submit works for the Wall of Fame exhibit.  

We would like to acknowledge Tim Murphy's efforts in the development of our art gallery and thank the hundreds of artists that have displayed works at the gallery over the last 25 years of operation. Thank you!