Open Swim begins at Noon!

Indoor Pool at Merriam Community Center

Fitness is fun in the pool!

Women using water weights in the pool

Try water walking in the lazy river!

Women water walking in the lazy river

The outdoor pool opens on Memorial Day!


Jump in the water, swim some laps, and float in the lazy river! With both indoor and outdoor pools, the Merriam Community Center offers fun in the water year round. Open swim begins at noon, access to features vary.  See pool schedule below for specific information.

Both indoor and outdoor pools have zero-depth entry. Slides, lazy river, lap swimming, and warm therapy water are available year-round in the indoor pool. The outdoor pool also offers diving boards, a zip line, and other fun water features for the kids from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

 Pool Schedules 

Pool Rules 

  • Shower before you enter the pool. 
  • Proper swimsuit attire is required. (Board Shorts, Swim Trucks, Aquatic or Water Shirt, Standard Bikini, Bathing Suit, Swim Diapers)
  • Swimsuits with metal or plastic zippers, buckles, rivets, buttons, or metal/plastic ornamentation aren’t allowed on the slides.
  • United States Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed. No floaties or rafts. 
  • Water features will only be turned on during open swim times.
  • Lifeguards will always be on duty when the pool is open. 
  • The temperature of the therapy pool is 90℉. All other pool areas are kept at 84℉.

Classes and Programs 

Aquatic Programs for Infants and Toddlers

Aqua Toddler Swim Time + Sensory Hour

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays  ▶  10:30 - Noon  
Ages 0–4 with adult present 
$50 for 10 punches or $90 for 20 punches

1 punch visit = 1 parent and 1 child 
Free for members!

Time specific for families with children sensitive to loud noises or big splashes of water.  During this time, all fountains, slides and water features are turned off.  Parents with children 4 years old and younger can explore the zero depth, shallow water and therapy pool without fear of big kids splashing.  This isn't a swim lesson and won't be instructor led.  Parents must be in the water with their children.  

Infant Aquatic Survival Swim – Non-Walkers

This 6-week program teaches infants to roll over from a face down or submerged position onto their backs to relax and breath. Lessons are 15 minutes, one-on-one, four days a week.

Monday –Thurday.  ▶  November - December ▶ Register

Monday –Thursday  ▶  January ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6

Monday–Thursday  ▶  February  ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6

Monday.–Thursday  ▶ April  ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6


Infant Aquatic Survival Swim – Walkers

This 8-week program teaches toddlers the swim-float-swim sequence. Children will learn to swim a short distance with their face fully submerged, roll onto their back, float and rest whenever they need to breathe, and to flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim to safety while fully clothed. Lessons are 15 minutes, one-on-one, four days a week. 

Monday–Thursday  ▶  November - December ▶ Register

Monday–Thursday  ▶  January ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6

Monday–Thursday  ▶  March ▶ Register  Beginning Dec. 6

Infant Aquatic Survival Swim  - Advanced

This program is a continuation of the Infant Aquatics Survival Swim program and teaches the swim-float-swim sequence.  Lessons are 30 minutes long, twice a week (Monday - Thursday) or once a week on Saturdays.   Limit 5 per class.

Monday–Thursday  or Saturday ▶  November - December ▶ Register

Saturdays ▶  Monthly ▶  Register Beginning Dec. 6

Mondays & Wednesdays ▶  Monthly ▶  Register Beginning Dec. 6

Tuesdays & Thursdays ▶  Monthly ▶   Register  Beginning Dec. 6

Merriam Dolphins Swim & Dive Teams

Merriam Dolphins Swim and Dive Team

Be a part of Merriam’s summer swim and dive teams! Athletes can choose to swim only, dive only, or swim and dive for the same fee! Swim caps provided. Athletes will need a blue suit.  Information and schedules are available at Team UnifyMore information coming in Spring 2022.

Junior Dolphins

This program is designed for students who want to be on the Dolphins swim team.  The ideal student has gone through several rounds of swim lessons and is looking for more of a challenge.  Students learn starts, flip turns, and swim team workouts.

Saturdays ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are all-inclusive and specific for each child’s skill set and include lifesaving and safety techniques. Register your child based on age. For preschool and youth lessons, class levels are used to ensure your child is successful. Children are evaluated at the beginning of each session and placed in the appropriate class level. Children should be able to work with an instructor and participate in swim lessons independently and willingly.

Parent/Child: 6 months–2 years

This lesson is designed as an introduction for parents and children alike. Learn safety tips while your child becomes familiar in the water and picks up basic water movement taught through songs, dances, and other fun forms of teaching. This class takes place in the indoor therapy pool. Parents must be in the water with their children.

December classes ▶   Register

Saturdays   January ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

Saturdays   March  ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6
March classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

April classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

May classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6  

Preschool: 3–5 years old

Your child will learn basic water safety skills while also growing more comfortable in the water. Students will learn how to safely enter and exit the water, blow bubbles underwater, float, kick, and work on arm movements. 

December classes ▶   Register

Saturdays  January ▶  Register Beginning Dec. 6

Saturdays  March ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

January classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

 February classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

March classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

April classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

May classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6  


Youth 1: 6– 8 years old

Beginning swimmers are introduced to basic stroke movement and will learn how to be more comfortable in the water. 

December classes ▶   Register

Saturdays  January ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

Saturdays  March ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

January classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6  

February classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

March classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

April classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

May classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6 


Youth 2: 9 – 12 years old

More advanced swimmers are instructed in stroke technique, endurance, and safety skills. 

Saturdays  January ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

Saturdays  March  ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6 

January classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

February classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

March classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

April classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

May classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6 


Adult: 13+ 

Adult lessons are designed to help each participant reach personal goals. Whether you want to be a proficient lap swimmer, learn to float, or acquire water safety skills, instructors will work to ensure your success! 

December classes ▶   Register

January Classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6

February Classes ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6  


Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Get four, 30-minute lessons tailored just for you. Available for ages 3 . $90 for private lessons, $80 for semi-private. Call 913-322-5550 for more information. 

Youth Aquatic Programs

Junior Dolphins

This program is designed for students who want to be on the Dolphins swim team.  The ideal student has gone through several rounds of swim lessons and is looking for more of a challenge.  Students learn starts, flip turns, and swim team workouts.

Saturdays ▶ Register

Saturdays ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6 

KU Sensory Enhanced Aquatics

Children with autism spectrum disorders are taught traditional learn-to-swim methods combined with sensory strategies matched to their unique needs.  University of Kansas Medical Center health professionals teach the swim lessons.  Individual and small-group lessons are available.

Thursdays  ▶  Register Beginning Dec. 6

MJ's Kids

Mary Jo Klier works with children specifically focusing on strokes and stroke development.  This punch pass class includes two 15-minute sessions.  The instructor and guardian will determine times and days that work best for them.  

Monthly  ▶ Register   

Punch Pass Program ▶ Registration at Merriam Community Center Welcome Desk ▶ Beginning Dec. 6

MJ's Spring Swim Clinic

This swim clinic is designed to prepare your child for the summer swim season.  THis class meets once a week and has three times to choose from.

Sundays ▶ Monthly ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6


Advanced swimmers learn correct freestyle breathing, streamlines, backstroke, and other swim techniques.  They'll spend 45 minutes on instruction and 15 minutes playing games.  Choose two days per week.  Weekdays meet at 5-6 p.m.; Saturdays meet at 11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Monthly  ▶ Register  

Monthly  ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6 


Water Fitness

Fit Class Pass - Member Add-On - Begins January 2022!  Fit Class Pass Logo

Take a different class every day!

For an additional $25 per month, members can attend select classes! Try all the classes, and go as many times as you like. Classes included in the pass are noted in the selections below.  Add the Fit Class Pass to your membership at the Welcome Desk.  ($25/individual member per month)

Aqua Interval Fitness 

This class combines cardio and strength training intervals using noodles and dumbbells at varying intensities. Increase stamina, strength, flexibility, and joint range of motion. Appropriate for all fitness levels; ability to swim not necessary. Water shoes or sneakers are encouraged. Instructor: Potts

December Classes ▶  5:30 - 6:30 p.m.  ▶ Register

Tuesdays & Thursdays  ▶ 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.   ▶   Register Beginning Dec. 6


Cardio Splash  Fit Class Pass Logo

THis class is full of fun, energy, music, and laughts.  Regardless of your age, size or fitness level, Cardio Splash enhances your overall fitness as well as improve your stability and balance in and out of the water.  Instructor: Adkins

December Classes ▶ 9-9:50 a.m.  ▶ Register

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays ▶ 9 - 9:50 a.m.  ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6


Deep + Shallow Aerobics

Improve balance and strengthen muscles in this high-intensity, calorie-burning class that tones your body. This class utilizes both shallow and deep water as well as the lazy river. Instructor: Bolton

December Classes ▶ 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.  ▶ Register

Mondays & Wednesdays ▶ 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.  ▶ Register  Beginning Dec. 6


Phyllis' Water Therapy

This 20-minute therapy session helps relieve pain and activate muscle groups to improve mobility and stability.  Instructor: Peterson

Mondays ▶ 1-1:20 p.m.  ▶ Register  Beginning Dec. 6

Mondays ▶ 1:20-1:40 p.m.  ▶ Register  Beginning Dec. 6

Mondays ▶ 1:40-2 p.m.  ▶ Register  Beginning Dec. 6 


Warm Water Therapy

Improve balance, reduce joint stiffness, increase flexibility, and have better overall mobility. This class is held in the warm water therapy pool. Instructor: Bolton

December Classes ▶ 12:15 - 1 p.m.  ▶ Register

Wednesdays ▶ 12:15 - 1 p.m.  ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6


Warm Water Arthritis Class - Powered by Advent Health

This series is designed for people experiencing limited joint movement, pain and reduced strength from arthritis.  Classes take place in the warm water therapy pool.  All levels are welcome and ecouraged!  Class size is limited to ensure social distancing.  Instructor: Stone-Advent Health

January ▶   Fridays      Register Beginning Dec. 6

February ▶  Fridays      Register Beginning Dec. 6 


Water Aerobics  Fit Class Pass Logo

A moderate- to high-intensity class consisting of cardio and toning to improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Instructor: Peterson

December Classes ▶  9- 9:45 a.m.  ▶ Register

Fridays ▶  9- 9:45 a.m.  ▶ Register  Beginning Dec. 6


Water Walking/TherapyExercise  Fit Class Pass Logo

This class is designed to improve your mobility, stability, and flexibility. Instructor: Peterson

December Classes ▶ 12 - 12:45 p.m.  ▶ Register

Mondays ▶ 12 - 12:45 p.m.  ▶ Register Beginning Dec. 6