Capt. Chris Brokaw Promoted to Major at the Merriam Police Department

Published on April 04, 2022

Picture of Major Brokaw in uniform in front of an American flag over his right shoulder.

On April 4, Merriam Police Chief Darren McLaughlin promoted Capt. Chris Brokaw to major. 

Brokaw is a 21-year veteran at the Merriam Police Department. He worked his way up the ranks and has served as a patrol officer, detective, corporal, sergeant, and captain before his promotion to major.

Brokaw said he’s ready to take on this new role within the department and be in charge of the patrol division.

“I’m thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the new challenges ahead of me,” Brokaw said. “I’m fortunate to have such good people to work with here at the Merriam Police Department. Our future looks bright, and there are still many good things to come!”

Brokaw has experience in many areas of the police department. He’s worked on a SWAT team and as a detective on a special enforcement unit. He’s also served on the City’s bicycle patrol unit and as a field training officer.

He received both his bachelors and master’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.