New Grants Approved for Residents in 2023

Published on December 22, 2022

a before and after home with the after showing a brand new second story deck.

With prices increasing across the board at grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants, the Merriam City Council wants to help ease your burden.

That's why they've approved several new and existing grants for residents in 2023 that total nearly $560,000.

New grants include:

  • Helping eligible homeowners pay for small home improvement projects to assist with code violations and other projects 
  • A free Energy-Saving Kit (available in early May)
  • A free tree for every Merriam household (stay tuned for details)

Existing grants include:

  • Residential Exterior Home Improvement 
  • Residential Sustainability
  • Historic Downtown Merriam Exterior 
  • Neighborhood Block Party
  • Driveway Program
  • Franchise Fee Rebate
  • Residential Property Tax Rebate
  • Neighborhood Island and Monument 
  • Contain the Rain
  • Compost Bin Rebate
  • Rental and Utility Assistance

Learn more about these grant programs.