Three Merriam Police Officers Promoted

Published on June 14, 2022

Merriam PD officers Sgt. Kristin Jasinski, MPO Nick Moeller, and MPO Trey Daniels all stand in front of an American flag in their police uniforms.

Merriam Police Chief Darren McLaughlin recently promoted three officers. 

Kristin Jasinski was promoted from master police officer to sergeant, and Officers Trey Daniels and Nick Moeller were promoted to master police officers.

Sgt. Jasinski is a 7-year veteran with the Merriam Police Department. She’s a member of the Metro Squad Homicide Investigation Team and the Johnson County Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Team. In 2018, she was the department’s Officer of the Year recipient. That year, she was recognized for saving two lives.

As a sergeant, Jasinski’s now in charge of supervising a patrol shift.

“It’s an adjustment coming back to the street after several years in investigations, but I’m super excited to have a more significant role in mentoring officers,” Jasinski said. “I’m starting on day shift with a great group of guys, so I’m super fortunate to be able to grow with them.”

Jasinski said the Merriam Police Department is a great place to work and grow.

“We stay very busy, allowing us to do the police work we got into this field to do, but also small enough that it feels like family,” Jasinski said. “Officers at larger agencies don’t always get that bonding opportunity. It’s the perfect combination, and I’m so grateful I decided Merriam was the best fit for me.”

Moeller started working at the Merriam Police Department in 2018. He said he’s excited to now be a master police officer.

“It feels good to be recognized for putting in good work,” Moeller said. “While I still have a lot to learn, sharing my knowledge and experience with the new guys is very rewarding.” 

Moeller said he plans to continue to work his way up the ranks.

“The Merriam Police Department is one of the best agencies in the area when it comes to the workplace atmosphere,” Moeller said. “It’s truly like a family.”

Daniels started working at the Merriam Police Department in 2016. He currently heads the department’s defensive tactics program and is a taser instructor. Daniels said he’s looking forward to “bettering himself.”

“I think this is a great opportunity for me to get better as an officer and work toward becoming a supervisor,” Daniels said. 

Daniels said he’s continuing to focus on his passions in Merriam because he “loves the family atmosphere and being able to work with close friends.”

More promotions within the department are expected at the end of the month due to several officer retirements. Want to work in this family-like atmosphere? The Merriam Police Department is hiring with competitive pay and benefits. Visit to learn more!