Drive, Bike, or Walk Downtown? Map Your Ideas with Interactive Webpage

Published on September 15, 2021

a man in a blue sports jersey is riding his yellow bike along Merriam Drive. Green leaves frame are on the left side framing his back side.

What do you want to see in downtown Merriam? Give your input on possible bike lanes, benches, decorative lighting, and other features that can help drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians in our community. 

It’s part of the Downtown Merriam Corridor plan. The plan will help determine future land uses, transportation, and street design on Merriam Drive from Johnson Drive to Waterfall Park.

Specific plan goals include: 

  • Identifying how “complete street” concepts can enhance Merriam Drive.
  • Recommending street design concepts.
  • Identifying appropriate uses and businesses along Merriam Drive.
  • Engaging with business owners for future sustainable development.
  • Identifying how public funds can support future development and enhance transportation.

Let us know what you think here.