Two Officers Honored

Published on October 08, 2020

Officer Awards.png

Two Merriam police officers were recently honored for their quick action and saving lives in two separate incidences. Master Police Officer Jared Ruby and Officer Brandon Bates both will receive the Life Saving Award from the Metro Chiefs Association and the Merriam Police Department.

In August, Ruby sprang into action - performing CPR and using an AED to help a man who collapsed due to cardiac arrest at Home Depot. 

“The biggest thing going through my mind was trying to get to him as quickly as possible,” Ruby said. “Seconds matter in these situations.”

People who experience cardiac arrest outside a hospital usually only have a 12% chance of survival. The AED shock from Ruby restarted the 69-year-old man’s heart.  

“It feels good to receive this award, but, more importantly, I’m glad I could make a difference for the family,” Ruby said.

Bates saved the life of a Merriam resident in March. Just hours after completing his CPR and AED training, Bates responded to a medical call at a home off Antioch Road, where a woman had gone into cardiac arrest. Bates began CPR and used an AED to get the woman breathing again. The woman made a full recovery.