Attend Public Meeting About Sidewalk and Street Improvements

Published on March 22, 2021

four construction crew members putting in new sidewalk

You're invited to attend an open house style public meeting to discuss sidewalk and street improvements across Merriam. The public meeting takes place on Thursday, April 1, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Merriam Community Center.

Construction crews will make sidewalk improvements on West 60th St., West 60th Terrace, West 61st St., and Knox Ave. Improvements include:

  • Replacing sidewalks and ADA ramps where needed.
  • Replacing curbs and gutters where needed. 

Street improvements are planned on Goodman St. (Johnson Drive north to City Limits), West 55th Terrace (Antioch Road to Hadley St.), West 55th St. (Goodman St. to Lowell St.), Perry Lane cul-de-sac, West 51st Place, West 51st Terrace (west of Knox Ave.), and Craig Road. Improvements include:

  • Replacing sidewalks as needed
  • Replacing ADA sidewalk ramps as needed
  • Milling and overlaying asphalt pavement
  • Replacing curbs and gutters as needed  

The City has contracted engineering services with Affinis Corp. and construction services with JM Fahey. At this public meeting, City staff, Affinis, and JM Fahey will dive into the project’s plans.