Merriam is a Great Place for Business

Merriam is home to more than 500 businesses in our 4.3 square miles, employing more than 10,000 people. Major industries include new and used car dealerships, auto maintenance and repair, home furnishings and improvements, and the medical industries. From small retailers to corporate headquarters, businesses of all types call Merriam home! 

Located in northeast Johnson County, Kansas, Merriam is a prime middle class community with a sound business basis in the center of the Kansas City metropolitan region. More than 150,000 cars pass through Merriam on I-35 each day, expanding the customer base far beyond our 10,000+ residents. 

Merriam is no stranger to award-winning achievements and accolades! We're proud of our community, and we want you to be proud to be a part of it. Some of our past trophies include "best city to start a business," "top tourist-friendly city," and "best place to retire in Kansas!"

Start or Move Your Business to Merriam

If you are searching for the ideal place to start or grow your small business, look no further. With easy access to transportation corridors such as I-35 and the metropolitan core, Merriam enjoys significant competitive advantages. Excellent schools, attractive neighborhoods, a diverse economic base, reasonable cost of living, and an educated work force make Merriam the ideal choice for both individuals looking for a new home and businesses seeking a favorable business climate.

Get started by searching available properties in Merriam. Prior to signing a lease or purchasing a building, call to to confirm that your business is compatible with building and zoning codes for your proposed location. Building permits may be required for modifications or improvements to the property. An occupational license is required for all businesses operating in Merriam. For more information on starting or moving your business to Merriam, call the Community Development Department at 913-322-5520. 

Learn more about our community and find a business checklist in the welcome packet below. 


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