Register Your Pet

Need to register your pet? All cats and dogs over the age of 6 months old must be licensed with the City. It helps protect your furry loved ones if they become lost.

Pet registration renewals are due by Jan. 1.

You can buy pet licenses for one, two, or three years. Owners must show proof of valid rabies vaccinations. There’s a $2/month late-fee penalty for those who don’t renew their pet(s) license by Jan. 15.

Note: Residents are allowed a maximum of three dogs and three cats.


License Fees
1 year
2 years*
3 years*
Spayed/Neutered $10 $16 $24
Not Spayed/Neutered $30 $48 $72

*Multi-year rabies vaccination required.


Step 1.Prepare your documents 

Owners must show proof of valid rabies vaccinations. 

Step 2.Register online

Our online registration portal will open in a new window. 

Submit Application

Step 3.Pay registration fee

Step 4.Receive pet tags

Pet tags will be mailed to you. 


Step 1.Gather documents and payment 

Step 2.Mail your documents and payment 

Send materials to:

Merriam City Hall
Pet Licensing
9001 W. 62nd St.
Merriam, KS 66202

Step 3.Receive pet tags

Pet tags will be mailed to you. 





Residents may register their pets in person at Merriam City Hall, 9001 W. 62nd. St., Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Step 1.Gather documents 

Step 2.Bring payment

Cash, check, money order, or credit card are accepted. 

Step 3.Receive pet tags

Pet tags will be given to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to license my pet?

The City of Merriam requires licensing of all cats and dogs. Licensing of your pets can protect them should they get lost. Pet Registration Form

2. What are the licensing requirements for my pet?

Registration form, proof of current rabies vaccination and payment of the proper fee is all that is required to license your pet.

3. What is the cost to license my pet?

Spayed or neutered pets: $10 one-year license, $16-two-year license, $24 three-year license Unaltered pets: $30 one-year license, $48 two-year license, $72 three-year license. The multi-year fee schedule provides a significant discount for those with multi-year vaccinations.

4. Where do I go to license my pet?

Online: Complete the form and pay online.  

In Person: Merriam City Hall, 9001 W. 62nd Street. M-F 8am-4:30 pm

By Mail: Submit the registration form, proof of rabies vaccination, and proper fee.

5. When are my pet licenses due?

All pet license fees are due on January 1st of each year. A late fee penalty of $2 per month will be added to all delinquent pet licensing fees for failure to renew by January 15th each year.

6. How many pets am I allowed to have?

The maximum allowed pets per address are three dogs and three cats.

7. Are pit bulls allowed in Merriam?

There is no breed ban in Merriam, however all dogs are required to be licensed.

8. I just got a new pet, how long before I need to register it?

Any pet over 6 months old must be licensed. Proof of rabies vaccination is required.

9. What can I do about a neighbor’s barking dog?

Continued barking and howling could be considered a nuisance, call the Merriam Police Department Community Service Officer at 913.-322-5581.

10. Is there a leash law in Merriam?

Yes, any dog not leashed or under the control of its owner by an electronic training collar is considered to be running at large, which is a violation of the law.

11. Does Merriam have a “pooper scooper” law?

Yes, allowing your pet to defecate upon any public or private property other than your own without immediate removal is considered a nuisance.

12. What do I do if my pet is lost?

The Merriam Police Department partners with Melissa’s Menagerie’s Second Chances. Melissa’s Menagerie’s Second Chances will work with the public and the police department to provide our community with lost and found pet services. Contact Melissa’s Menagerie’s Second Chances at 913-364-1822. The Merriam Police Department is not accepting any stray cats for impound, but officers can help you attempt to locate the owner of a lost cat.

13. I found a stray animal, who do I call?

If the animal has a Merriam Pet License you may call Merriam City Hall to locate its owner. Otherwise call the Merriam Police Department at 913-322-5560during business hours or dispatch at 913-782-0720 after hours.