Public Works

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The Public Works Department maintains the city's streets and parks.

Street maintenance involves snow removal, cleaning, patching, and repairing streets. The Street Overlay Program provides for the overlay of asphalt at regular intervals to help maintain an adequate surface on the streets. In addition, a program exists for the timely replacement of curbs and sidewalks. Routine maintenance of streetlights, traffic signals, and city signage is included, as well as all drainage maintenance.

Right-of-Way Application / Specifications

 As of January 2023, the City of Merriam will only accept Right-of-Way applications online. 

Manual of Infrastructure Standards(PDF, 2MB)

Kansas City Metropolitan APWA specifications

Kansas City Metropolitan APWA Standard drawings

S-6 Superpave Mix Asphalt Specifications(PDF, 161KB)

List of Prequalified Multi-Component liquid pavement marking material(PDF, 162KB)

Apply online for a Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit

What you need to obtain a ROW Permit:

  1. A Merriam Occupational License. Check if you have a current Merriam Occupational License or apply for one now.
    Search for License     Apply for License
  2. Copy of Contractors Certificate of Insurance covering commercial general and automobile liability insurance.
  3. A Performance and Maintenance Bond. Standard ROW Permit Bonds are $2,000 and must be valid for a two-year period.  Blanket Bonds may be obtained for contractors pulling multiple ROW Permits. Learn More
  4. Drawings, engineering plans, and traffic control plan (if lane closure is required).  

Once submitted, you will receive updates on your application status by email. 

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ROW Fees

Fees will be calculated after application submission.

  • Standard Permit Fee $120
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring $160/ First 100 feet
    • Additional Directional Drilling/Boring up to 100 feet $40/each 100 feet
  • There may be additional fees for crossing roadways 

Snow Removal

When winter strikes, the City of Merriam's Public Works Department will be ready to battle the snow and ice. Merriam's snow removal is one of the many services undertaken by the City, and Merriam consistently gets high ratings for its snow removal among cities in the metropolitan area.

Merriam keeps in excess of 124 lane-miles of roadway clear of snow and ice for commuters. The goal is commuter safety and emergency vehicle service access. Salting and plowing begins as soon as snow depths sufficiently accumulate and traffic conditions permit.

Bridges, main thoroughfares, and busy intersections are primary for snow salting and plowing. Collector streets, residential areas, schools, city facilities, and public parking areas are plowed or salted after main thoroughfares are passable.

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Street Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for the care, maintenance and construction of City streets, parkways and similar City-owned property. This work is done in accordance with established policies and priorities to ensure safe vehicular movement.


The Public Works Department provides the following services:

  • Repairing and maintaining streets, including pothole repairs
  • Mowing and trimming along the city rights-of-way
  • Clearing fallen tree debris on roads, as well as trimming trees
  • Maintaining all street and traffic signs
  • Repairing and maintaining storm water systems
  • Maintaining all sidewalks


Street Sweeping

The Public Works Department is responsible for the sweeping of all public streets in Merriam. There are approximately 124 lane miles of streets. The entire city is swept three to four times a year. It takes approximately 148 hours to sweep the entire city once. Main arterials and collector streets are to be swept more often.

To report unusual circumstances such as broken glass please submit this form or call 913-322-5570. Include a description of the problem, the exact location and any other pertinent information available.

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance includes grounds maintenance at City Hall, Police Station, Merriam Community Center, Merriam Marketplace, Merriam Historic Plaza, and the Public Works building.

Park & Trail Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for keeping all City park facilities in a condition that is acceptable, safe, and comfortable for City residents and visitors. It is our job to ensure that park facilities are in compliance with local and state regulations and to keep them in such condition that the general public and our employees can be proud.