Residential Tree Grant


Merriam residents – get a free tree!

The City of Merriam is partnering with Heartland Tree Alliance and Bridging the Gap to plant 165 new trees throughout the City in 2024.

Trees and planting are free for you! They must be planted in the front yard (or you can choose the side yard if you live on a corner lot). 

Residents may choose from a selection of ornamental or shade trees. Options are first come, first served, and limited to one tree per home. 


Tree Grant Steps

Step 1.Request a Tree

Learn more about the program, then sign up for a tree through the Heartland Tree Alliance website. 

Learn More and Submit Tree Request

Step 2.Select a Location

Work with the Heartland Tree Alliance foresters to find where your tree will thrive in your front yard. 

Step 3.Tree Planting

  • Heartland Tree Alliance staff will plant the tree.
  • Planting seasons are March–May or October–December. 
  • They'll notify you two weeks before the tree is planted. 
  • They'll have underground utilities marked in advance with flags in your yard. If you have a sprinkler system, it's your responsibility to tell Heartland Tree Alliance where the lines are. 

Step 4.Water and Care for Your Tree

Participating in this program means agreeing to water and care for your tree. Heartland Tree Alliance will provide education on tree care and support if problems arise. They'll visit your tree quarterly for one year after planting to ensure it's healthy. 

Why plant more trees? 

Trees have many environmental, social, and economic benefits:

  • Mature trees shade the street and sidewalk cooling pavement and air temperatures
  • Trees planted along the street have been shown to slow traffic speeds
  • Neighborhoods with mature trees show a reduction in crime rates
  • Mature trees can increase property value as high as 20%
  • Mature trees filter air pollutants and reduce pulmonary health cases such as asthma
  • Leaves on trees catch rain and reduce the amount of stormwater runoff during big rain events

To view more benefits, check out the Tree Benefits infographic by the Heartland Tree Alliance