Report a Problem

Jostled by a pothole? Aggravated by overhanging brush? Offended by graffiti? Take a picture, describe your concern & submit a service request.



Call Public Works at 913-322-5570 for:  

  • Streetlight outage
  • Pothole, damaged curb or sidewalk
  • Traffic signal or road sign issue
  • Other street or public property problem


Call dispatch at 913-782-0720 for:

  • Dead animal pickup


Call our Parks and Recreation at 913-322-5550 for:

  • Problem at a park


Call Community Development at 913-322-5520 for:

  • Weeds, tall grass, or dead tree
  • Outdoor storage or improper storage of waste containers
  • Trash and debris
  • Inoperable vehicle on private property
  • Parking on an unapproved surface
  • Work without a permit
  • Other code or zoning violation


Call 913-322-5500 to report other problems.