Report a Problem

Jostled by a pothole? Aggravated by overhanging brush? Offended by graffiti? Take a picture, describe your concern & submit a service request.

Please provide the nearest intersection to the problem, check that the location is correct if you use your current location, and give other descriptive details to help us find the issue that you are reporting. 



Call Public Works at 913-322-5570 for:  

  • Streetlight outage
  • Pothole, damaged curb or sidewalk
  • Traffic signal or road sign issue
  • Other street or public property problem


Call dispatch at 913-782-0720 for:

  • Dead animal pickup


Call our Parks and Recreation at 913-322-5550 for:

  • Problem at a park


Call Community Development at 913-322-5520 for:

  • Weeds, tall grass, or dead tree
  • Outdoor storage or improper storage of waste containers
  • Trash and debris
  • Inoperable vehicle on private property
  • Parking on an unapproved surface
  • Work without a permit
  • Other code or zoning violation


Call 913-322-5500 to report other problems.