Community Development

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The Community Development Department works to create a quality environment to live, work, and do business within our city.

Community Development ensures orderly progress through the administration of comprehensive planning, zoning, and subdivision review processes. The department enforces the City's construction codes through a systematic plan review and inspection program. The department is also responsible for the City's codes compliance through a program of systematic and by-complaint inspections of properties in the city. The department also administers the Rental Housing Inspection and Licensing Program. Department staff provides support and assistance to the Planning CommissionBoard of Zoning Appeals, and Board  of Structure Appeals.

Learn about City Codes

The City of Merriam is committed to maintaining a beautiful community by working with residents and businesses to encourage compliance with the City’s municipal ordinances. Let’s all do our part to keep our community attractive. Learn about our top ten City codes to know for residential properties, or visit the complete codes library 

Brochures for Common Residential Projects

10 Codes You Should Know(PDF, 547KB)

10 Codes You Should Know in Spanish(PDF, 2MB)

Accessory Structures(PDF, 626KB)

Decks(PDF, 351KB)

Driveways(PDF, 433KB)

Fences(PDF, 562KB)

Roofs(PDF, 421KB)

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs(PDF, 461KB) (PDF, 461KB)

Weeds and Uncontrolled Vegetation(PDF, 527KB)


Building Code Update

The City of Merriam requires that all contractors have a Contractor’s License through the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program.

The City of Merriam has adopted the 2018 building code and 2018 fire code. To allow time for builders, contractors, and design professionals to adapt to the new changes, the 2018 building and fire codes went into effect Jan. 1, 2021. Contact us for more information about the 2018 codes and changes from previous requirements.

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Floodplains & Stormwater

Floodplain management is about reducing vulnerability to flood risk to our built environment. If we know low lying land will flood from time to time, we should make reasonable decisions to help protect our families, homes, and businesses.

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Stormwater runoff is generated from rain and snowmelt that flow over land or surfaces such as paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, and does not soak into the ground. The water drains along curbs and gutters into a network of pipes that eventually drain into streams, lakes, and rivers. The water picks up pollutants like trash, chemicals, oils, and dirt/sediment that contaminates water sources. To protect these resources, Merriam has a Stormwater Management Plan.

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Land Use and Design Plans

Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan addresses land use, housing, commercial and industrial development, sustainability and the environment, transportation and mobility, parks and recreation, and community facilities and services.

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Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040(PDF, 39MB)

Existing Conditions Report(PDF, 10MB)

Public Engagement Report (PDF, 5MB)

Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Plan

Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Plan(PDF, 24MB)

South Park Sub Area Plan

South Park Sub Area Plan(PDF, 9MB)

Merriam Connected Corridor Plan

Merriam Connected Corridor Plan(PDF, 45MB)

Downtown Merriam Corridor Plan

Downtown Merriam Corridor Plan (PDF, 27MB)

Mobile Merriam

Mobile Merriam: A Bicycle Facility Study (PDF, 16MB)




Solid Waste Screening Requirements

As a property owner/Landlord, you are responsible for maintaining your property and keeping it in compliance with Merriam's codes and ordinances. Solid waste regulations can be found in Chapter 56 of Merriam's Code of Ordinances.

When stored outdoors, solid waste and recycling containers must be placed behind the front of residence or screened from view. Non-compliance could result in citations and fines.

Example one:


 Example two:


Dumpster and Portable Home Storage Unit (POD)

Within the City of Merriam, the temporary placement of a dumpster and / or a portable on demand storage unit (POD) is allowed for a maximum period of 15 days. A resident must obtain a permit from the city's Community Development Department . An online application can be found below or made in-person at the Community Development front desk, found on the lower level of City Hall.  



Please note a permit is not required if a valid building permit is in place.

Should you have questions or require assistance, contact Community Development Department at 913-322-5520.

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