Exterior Home Improvement Grant

Does your house need a roof? Want to build a new deck? What about replacing your windows or driveway? Merriam residents looking to beautify their homes may be eligible for a grant. The City is investing $50,000 in its 2021 Exterior Improvement Grant Program. 

All funds for 2021 are allocated. Contact David Easley with questions.


Step 1.Understand the requirements 

  • The program will provide a 20 percent reimbursement for exterior improvements upon completion.
  • There is no income requirement but other conditions may apply.
  • Homeowners need to have at least $2,500 in combined repairs/renovations.
  • You can receive funding from $500 up to a maximum of $2,500.
  • All Merriam residents, who don't live in an apartment, may apply.
  • You must submit at least $2,500 in estimated work bids.
  • Once the City approves your project, work must begin within 120 days.
  • Grant money will be available until all $50,000 has been allocated.
  • Any non apartment residential unit can apply.
  • The City will start accepting applications on Jan. 2 at 8 a.m..
  • After all funding has been allocated, a wait list will be created for qualifying applications. 

Step 2.Gather your information 

  • Homeowner: Must be current on all property taxes.
  • Provide proof of property insurance.

Step 3.Submit your application

Applicant must submit bids before application is approved. Application must be approved before construction can start. 

You can submit your application online after 8 a.m. the morning of Monday, January 2. Online applications will submitted at days end, in the order they are received.

Applications are no longer being accepted. All funds for 2021 are allocated. 

Step 4.We will contact you 

City staff will contact you to discuss your project(s), take photos, and will let you know a if permit required. 

Step 5.Complete your project 

Once approved, work must begin within 120 days and be completed by Nov.1. City staff will perform a, post-project, inspection to verify work has been completed and code compliant.

Step 6.Submit receipts

The City will reimburse applicants after receiving at least $2,500 in receipts for completed projects.