Building Permits

Permit and Inspection Requirements 

Currently, only Residential Building permits can be applied for online.

Commercial permits must be completed via a Building Permit application and submitted in person or emailed to city hall.

A building permit is required for most renovation or construction work including alterations to the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems of a building or structure. Exceptions to this requirement may include minor non-structural exterior repairs, interior finish work. The City’s Building Official performs all commercial and residential plan reviews and inspections. Please direct any inquiries regarding building permits, permit applications, plan reviews, and inspections to the Community Development Department at 913-322-5520

All contractors, doing work in the city, must be licensed with the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program.

All contractors, doing work in the city, must have a current Merriam Occupational License.

You can apply for a residential building permit online or in person at Merriam City Hall. If you're a homeowner planning to do the work yourself you need to come into Merriam City Hall to obtain a building permit. 

Projects that DO require a building permit

Please note the Permit Types below, you will need to select the correct Permit Type when applying online. 

Permit Type B - Accessory Structures

  • Residential decks
  • Residential driveways*
  • Residential swimming pools
  • Fences*
  • Garages and Carports
  • Solar panels
  • Retaining Wall over 4ft. 
  • Accessory structures greater than 150 square feet in size 

Permit Type B - Residential Alterations

  • Residential additions/alterations
  • Residential remodels
  • Residential re-roofs  
  • Residential electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC
  • Residential fire repair
  • Residential foundation repair

Permit Type B - Residential Construction

  • All new construction of residential structures 
  • Single Family - Detached
  • Single Family - Attached 
  • Modular 
  • Multi-Family 

 *Contractors do not have to be licensed with Johnson County to perform these types of work. 


Projects That DON'T Require a Building Permit

  • Accessory structures less than 150 square feet in size (setback requirements still apply, please contact Community Development) 
  • Non-structural interior updates 
  • Replacing the siding on a home



FAQs from Homeowners

It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that the proper permits are obtained. 

What do I need to submit with a building permit?

Aside from the completed building permit application you will need to submit a site plan and construction plan for the proposed work. Please feel free to contact the Building Official with any questions regarding submittals. 

How long will it take my permit to be issued?

It will take 1 to 2 business days for online permit and payment submittals to be processed and issued.  

What if I'm going to do the work myself?

The property must be owner occupied. If you are wanting to obtain a building permit for a property that you own but do not live in a licensed contractor must do the work.

If you are a homeowner and planning on doing the work yourself then you will need to come into Merriam City Hall, located at 9001 W 62nd St, to sign an Owner Occupant Affidavit and apply for a building permit in person.  

Why are building permits required?

Building permits are required for many reasons including:

  • To protect you, your family, friends, neighborhood, and property values.
  • To ensure that the work performed on your property is safe, that is meets environmental standards, and complies with City zoning and construction codes.
  • To protect your property investment and to minimize liability or problems during a future sale of your property.