Block Party Grant

Grab some hot dogs and burgers and get to know your neighbors! 

You can use the Neighborhood Block Party Grant to help cover party-related expenses such as food, paper goods, and entertainment. Block parties are a great way for neighbors to come together, build relationships, and engage in family fun activities. Review all the guidelines and steps below and apply for a grant! Applications must be approved prior to the party in order to receive a grant reimbursement for your party. 

If you'd like to host a block party without applying for the grant, complete the online application below but select "No" for the grant. 

Applications will be accepted from April 1, 2024 to November 30, 2024

Application Process

Step 1.Understand the Guidelines

  • Each grant will reimburse eligible expenses up to $300
  • Eligible expenses include: food, paper goods, door prizes, and entertainment/performers
  • Ineligible expense include: alcohol, play equipment, gift cards, tent rental, stages and/or risers
  • Neighborhoods may receive one block party grant per party, and two block party grants each year
  • Host or sponsor agrees to allow all residents in neighborhood to participate in the block party
  • The block party must occur in a residential neighborhood and be organized by a resident in that respective neighborhood
  • The host/sponsor of the block party assumes full responsibility for cleanup

Step 2.Submit Application

The City accepts applications from April 1 through Nov. 4, 2024. The City must approve the block party application prior to the party. Please submit your application at least one week before the party. Block parties must take place by Nov. 4.

Apply Online

The City of Merriam reserves the right to deny any block party application.

Step 3.Get Approved

You'll get an email when the Block Party is approved. You'll get a second email from City staff if you requested grant funding for your party. 

Step 4.Submit Receipts

Reimbursement requires the submission of receipts by Nov. 4, including paid receipts for materials used at the block party, an explanation of their use, and the applicant's name.