Snow Removal

When winter strikes, the City of Merriam's Public Works Department will be ready to battle the snow and ice. Merriam's snow removal is one of the many services undertaken by the City, and Merriam consistently gets high ratings for its snow removal among cities in the metropolitan area.

Merriam keeps in excess of 124 lane-miles of roadway clear of snow and ice for commuters. The goal is commuter safety and emergency vehicle service access. Salting and plowing begins as soon as snow depths sufficiently accumulate and traffic conditions permit.

Bridges, main thoroughfares, and busy intersections are primary for snow salting and plowing. Collector streets, residential areas, schools, city facilities, and public parking areas are plowed or salted after main thoroughfares are passable.

Tips For Motorists During Snow Removal Operations

  • Remain at least thirty feet from the rear of the plow truck so the driver can see you.
  • Avoid passing plowing vehicles.
  • Park vehicles in driveways in order to keep the street clear of obstacles for plowing.
  • Stay behind sidewalks when you see a plow truck coming. Heavy, wet snow may be thrown a good distance from the plow.
  • Keep from making snow forts or igloos near the edge of the road. This is extremely dangerous as trucks frequently return to push snow back to the curb.
  • Avoid placing snow from your driveway into the street.
  • If you shovel snow a few feet to the left of your driveway, it should help with the snow drifts caused by plowing. It's each resident or business owner's responsibility to shovel blocked driveways. 

Help Our Snow Crews

  • Don't park on the street until it's been plowed so there's a clear path for snowplow drivers. 
  • Wait until snowplows have made at least one clear path before driving on a street.
  • Remove basketball goals, trash cans, and other obstacles from the curb or driveway entrances.
  • After streets are plowed or treated, keep sidewalks free of ice and snow.


Snow Removal Map

Follow our City's progress; see which roads are plowed and which ones are in the process of being cleared.

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Parking after snowfalls - Municipal Ordinance

All persons having vehicles parked on the streets of the City shall remove the same therefrom within two (2) hours after any snowfall which shall leave a covering of two (2) inches or more, said covering to be measured and determined by the Street Department. Confirmation of such determination by said Street Department may be obtained by any resident by calling the City Clerk, Police Department or the County Sheriff's Dispatcher, who shall have previously been advised of the applicability of this Article by the City Street Department. All cars remaining in the street two (2) hours after such snowfall, and obstructing snow removal operations of the Street Department, shall be towed off the street. All tow-in charges shall be paid by the owner of any vehicle so removed from the street. 

Parking After Snowfall Ordinance