Christine Evans Hands

Ward 3

Term: 2021-2025

Christine Evans Hands
Why Did You Join City Council? 
When I initially ran for Council, I was responding to encouragement from Councilmembers to bring a cooperative, thoughtful attitude to the council chamber. I believed that my life experiences  especially as a manager at Hallmark equipped me with the attitude and experience to understand a vision and to recognize when and how to compromise and communicate with staff and citizens to accomplish that vision. 
What Are Your Goals for the City?
My goals for the City are to continue to provide strong safety, livability, and welcoming standards to our well-located city. I'm so looking forward to post-pandemic gatherings of Merriam-ites.  

Tell Us an Interesting Fact About Yourself.
I continue to explore my family history. I recently discovered some “new” information about my great-great grandparents in southern Johnson County in the late 1860s, confirming that I’m fifth generation in that line to reside in Johnson County. I hope to find some family stories to learn more about my folks than just “the facts."