Jason Silvers

Ward 1

Term: 2024-2027

Jason Silvers

Why Did You Join City Council?
I decided to run for City Council after Scott Diebold made me aware of a vacancy that needed to be filled. My interest in serving my community started while serving a 5-year stint on the board of my former neighborhood group and evolved into a desire to give back to my new community in a much larger way. 

What Are Your Goals for the City? 
My goals for Merriam remain the same as the ones I established for my campaign platform — keep Merriam affordable, diverse, and sustainable. 

Tell Us an Interesting Fact About Yourself. 
I once removed one-third of the top level of my old bungalow and single-handedly built a master suite with no prior experience designing or building anything. And yes, it passed all City inspections and is still standing sixteen years later.