Whitney Yadrich

Ward 2

Term: 2024-2027

Whitney Yadrich

Why Did You Join City Council?
I joined City Council to represent and establish a legacy for the residents, businesses, and visitors of historic Ward 2 that are not only regreening our city, but those who have been and plan to be here for decades to come. Decisions made on a local level have a direct and immediate impact our everyday lives, and it’s important to me that those decisions focus on transparency and progress.

What Are Your Goals for the City? 
To incrementally create a resilient, inclusive community for all generations, genders, races, sexual orientations, abilities, and socio-economic statuses. My priorities are making measurable progress on the perpetual challenges presented by the flood plain and retail turnover; advocating for complete streets, affordable housing and accessible amenities; and creating social equity opportunities.

Tell Us an Interesting Fact About Yourself. 
Io parlo Italiano.