Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040

Aerial view of Merriam Drive

The City finalized the Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040 in 2021. The new plan addresses the City's land use, housing, development, sustainability, transportation and mobility, parks and recreation, and facilities and services across our community for the next 20 years.

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There are several common purposes of Comprehensive Plans including:

  • Focus future development & public investment
  • Encourage strong economic base
  • Serve as informational management tool
  • Analyze existing conditions
  • Establish goals
  • Guide and recommend
  • Encourage community engagement
  • Identify and build upon community character


Major Components

  • Vision and Goals
  • Community Assessment (Demographics / Economic Overview)
  • Employment / Economy 
  • Land Use
  • Sub Area Plans (Downtown, Town Center etc.)
  • Housing Recommendations
  • Transportation Recommendations
  • Parks & Recreation, Greenspace & Environmental Recommendations
  • Implementation Plan, Goals, Objectives & Policies
  • Appendix


Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)

A Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee was established as part of the Merriam Comprehensive Plan 2040 update to provide initial feedback on the Comprehensive Plan’s direction and priorities, evaluate and consider public input, and review the various drafts of the plan components. Community members were asked to submit applications to participate in the committee. Committee members were selected by Mayor Ken Sissom and include:

Christine Evan Hands – City Councilmember
Nancy Hupp – City Councilmember
Brian Dailey – Planning Commissioner Chair
Mitch Fowler – Planning Commissioner Shawnee Mission School District Representative 
Robin Harrold – AdventHealth 
Kevin Killea – Aristocrat Motors 
Jacob Laha – Ward 1 
Stoney Bogan – Ward 2 
Daniel Anderson – Ward 2 
Valerie Koetting – Ward 2 
Chris Caldwell – Ward 3 
Marcia Shami – Ward 3 
Billy Crook – Ward 4 
Christopher Leitch – Ward 4 
Kendra Miller – Ward 4