Child Watch

Children playing in the Child Watch

Drop off your kids at Child Watch while you work out or attend a fitness class at the MCC. Child Watch is for children ages 6 months to 8 years old. 

To ensure the safety of every child, KidCheck is used to verify each child to their parent/guardian. In addition, the area is under closed video survelliance.

Parents are encouraged to set-up their KidCheck account prior to their first visit. Select Create Your KidCheck Account to get started. 

Check-in Process

  1. Parents will check-in with their phone number and select the child checking in. 
  2. Two stickers will be printed that are time stamped and dated.  
  3. The parent/guardian will be given a sticker for check-out. 
  4. Each child's sticker will print with with full name, image and ID number and will be affixed to the upper middle back. 

Check-out Process

  1. Upon return, staff will use the parent/guardian label to verify the match to the child's label.


Child Watch Rules

There is a two (2) hour maximum time per session.

Late is defined as more than 5 minutes to check-out beyond the 2-hour limit.

  • First occurrence is a reminder of the rule noted in the KidCheck system.
  • Second occurrence is a warning of suspension.
  • Third occurrence will result in a suspension of services for a 30-day period.


Child Watch staff do not change diapers. Staff will call or page the parent/guardian asking them to report to the Child Watch room immediately. Parent/Guardian may use the restroom in the Child Watch room for changing purposes.

Food and Beverages

No food is permitted in the Child Watch room. Beverages are allowed if kept in the storage room out of the reach of children.


The Merriam Community Center staff will not administer medication of any kind.


The Merriam Community Center’s Child Watch services will have a ratio of one staff for every 7 children, with a maximum of 20 children in the room. A child requiring greater care than the 1 staff per 7 children ratio, unfortunately, is beyond the expertise and scope of the child watch services.

As a drop-in babysitting program, ratios may become skewed for brief periods of time. Staff reserves the right to limit the number of children served to maintain the safety of all children.

Behavioral Issues

If a child is unconsolable or cannot be redirected, staff will call the parent/guardian to return to the area immediately.