Military Tribute Banners

Sample of Military Tribute Banner

Merriam is proud of our Veterans, active-duty, reserve, and National Guard members.

We’re excited to launch a tribute banner program that allows our community to honor their loved ones!

The City will install the banners on our street posts in May on Merriam Drive from 57th St. to Hocker Drive and remove them at the end of July.

Those recognized through the program must be a current Merriam resident or an immediate family member of a Merriam resident.

Due to limited space, applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Banner Specifications

Vinyl banners will measure 18-by-38 inches, be double-sided, and designed in full color. The design will include:

  1. Service Member's Name
  2. Military branch
  3. Years of Service / Conflict or War



Step 1.Gather Required Documents

1. Proof of military service – DD-214 or active military ID

2. Professional "dress" photo of honoree

3. Proof of Merriam residency (sponsor or honoree)

Step 2.Submit Application

Applications are due by Feb. 28.

Information printed on the banner will be taken directly from the application. This includes military branch and spelling of service member's name. 

Apply Online

Military Tribute Banner Application(PDF, 119KB)

Please note: Applications are first-come, first-served from when they are received at the Merriam Community Center.

Step 3.Payment

Banners are $150 each. This fee includes designing, printing, installing, and removing banner. Sponsors may purchase a duplicate banner that will not hang on the street for $100. Duplicate banners will be given to the sponsor in May. 

Once we process the application, we will call you for payment. Please allow seven business days after submission. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. If you are mailing a printed application, you can include a check made out to City of Merriam. 

Step 4.Banners Created and Installed

March: Banners are designed and proofs are sent to the sponsor via email. 

April 1: Confirmation of proof must be received from sponsor to proceed with production. 

May-July: Banners will be on display on Merriam Drive.

August: Banners will be returned to sponsors. 

Honorees must meet the following requirements:

  1. Supply verification of Military Status (DD-214) or active Military ID
  2. Be a current Merriam resident or an immediate family member of a Merriam resident
  3. Professional "dress" photo of the honoree

Banners will be installed in May and are removed in July.

Banners are installed on Merriam Drive from 57th St. to Hocker Dr., with the ability to expand the program based upon demand.

Requests for specific locations or poles won't be accepted. 

Banners are City property until they are removed. Then they'll be returned to the banner sponsor. 

The City won't replace banners that may be damaged or lost due to weather elements, vandalism, or other unforeseen events.

Unclaimed banners, 30-days post removal, will become the property of the City and will be disposed.