Private Lesson Request Form


Interested in learning how to swim but do not want to take group lessons?

Have a swimmer that wants to prepare for swim team or receive individualized coaching?

Get four, 30-minute lessons tailored just for you. Choose between private one-on-one lessons, or semi-private with up to three of your closest friends! 

Private Lessons

  • $100 for 4 lessons
  • 30-minute lessons
  • Available for ages 3+

Semi-Private Lessons

  • $90/person for 4 lessons
  • 30-minute lessons
  • Groups of 2–4 people
  • Available for ages 3+


If you're interested in KC Swim Academy or any of Mary Jo's classes, please find more information in the Aquatics Programs for Youth section on the Aquatics page



Request Lessons

Step 1.Complete the request form

Requests for lessons are filled on a first-come first-served basis as instructors availability allows. 

Request Form

Step 2.Parent / guardian will be notified within 3 work days

If there is availability, payment will be collected. Credit cards accepted include: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

If there is no availability, requests are held in order of receipt and assigned instructors as schedules allow. Staff will inform the parent /guardian as to the length of the wait list.  

Step 3.After payment, instructor is assigned

Instructor will call, text, or email to schedule days and times for lessons.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the form is returned to the Aquatics Supervisor who then assigns a new instructor and this step begins again.

Step 4.Lessons occur based upon agreed time

Enjoy your lessons! 

Can I schedule lessons before I pay?

No, like other Park and Recreation programs, payment is required upon registration. The Welcome Desk sends confirmation of payment to our aquatics team with your completed form. Then the assigned instructor will schedule lessons based on participant and instructor availability.  

What if I have a specific instructor or type of instructor that is preferred?

On the request for lesson form, you can request a specific instructor. In addition, you can provide expectations, goals, fears, or preferences for instructors. Staff tries to accommodate specific requests, but there is no guarantee requests will be granted. 

How many days a week are lessons scheduled?

Scheduling is determined based upon the instructor and participant availability. There are no set times, dates, or minimum lessons/time frame in this program.

After the completion of the first 4 lessons, can additional lessons be scheduled?

Yes, if interested in continuing lessons, confirm with the instructor their availability. Purchase an additional lesson package from the Welcome Desk. Upon completion of payment, Welcome Desk staff will send a confirmation notice to Aquatic staff so lessons can continue with the instructor.