Tim Murphy Art Gallery Call for Artists

Art Gallery Corridor with furniture on right side and art exhibited on walls

The Tim Murphy Art Gallery is located within the Merriam Community Center.  The gallery opened in 1996 at the Irene B. French Community Center with a mission to increase public awareness of the visual arts by providing a setting for exhibition and education. Gallery space features monthly exhibits by local and regional artists. All exhibits are free to the public.  Artists will have originals and prints for sale to the public.  Each year, artists are encouraged to submit an application for the opportunity to showcase their work at the gallery.  If applicants desire to exhibit with another applicant, they can request a joint show but it is not guaranteed that applicants will be placed together.  

The deadline to apply for inclusion in the 2022 show schedule has passed. 

Application process will begin in January 2022 for 2023 show schedule.




Step 1.Guidelines and process for selection

  • Each artist must submit their own application
  • You may request to exhibit with another artist. Placement is not guaranteed. 
  • Selected artists must not have exhibited in a one-artist show in any medium within the past 2 years at the Tim Murphy Art Gallery
  • Applications are reviewed by a committee
  • Notification will be sent no later than the week after Labor Day

Step 2.Gather your information

  • Five digital pictures that represent work you intend to exhibit.
  • Samples must be high resolution .jpgs
  • File names must include your last name and the title of the piece 

Step 3.Submit your application 

The deadline for submission for 2022 shows has passed.  The application process for 2023 shows will begin in January 2022.

Step 4.You'll hear from us

All applicants receive notification via email of acceptance or rejection the week after Labor Day

How artist selection works:

  • A committee selects artists for exhibitions. 
  • The committee may assign more than one artist per exhibition 

Step 5.Gallery policies 

Accepted artists must follow these guidelines: 

  • All exhibited 2D works must be matted and framed unless wrap around canvas technique is utilized
  • Accepted artist must sign gallery agreement
  • 90% of displayed artwork must be for sale
  • Gallery commission is 30% of sales
  • 3-D mediums displayed on pedestals
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the artist

Merriam Parks and Recreation provides an opening reception for each show.  The reception is scheduled for the first Thursday of the month for 7 - 8:30 p.m.  Dignitaries and the arts community will receive invitations. Artists are encouraged to attend and will receive invitation postcards to mail/email to friends.


For larger group shows, the gallery will continue to pay for expenses for an estimated 80 visitors for the opening night.  If the group anticipates more refreshments are needed, the group contact will be responsible for coordinating additional menu items with Parks and Recreation staff. 


  • It will be the responsibility of the artist to deliver or ship accepted work to arrive at the gallery no later than the Sunday prior to the exhibit opening night.
  • Artist will provide a complete listing of titles and sales price of exhibited work no later than 7 days in advance of show.
  • Artist shall accept the responsibility for providing insurance on artwork and shall hold the city harmless.
  • At least 90% of the works shown by accepted artist must be available for sale.
  • Artist will agree to leave work on exhibit until the conclusion of the show, and remove work within one week of the conclusion of the show.