Request House Watch

Are you leaving town and want the Merriam Police Department to watch your home? You're in the right place.

A house watch is a community service provided by the Merriam Police Department. This service reduces the possibility of someone entering your home while you're away. You can request a house watch in person, over the phone, or by filling out the online form below.


Step 1.Understand the guidelines

  • There is no agreement that your property is the responsibility of the Merriam Police Department, or that this is an absolute guarantee that a crime will not occur.
  • We'll check your property as often as possible, depending on manpower and work assignments.
  • House watch is only good for 30 days in duration.

Step 2.Gather your information

  • Vehicle information:
  • Local emergency contact
  • Authorized guests

Step 3.Submit your request

Fill out the form and submit online.

Step 4.You'll get a confirmation

While we won't be able to confirm if and when we can fit this into our schedule you'll get a confirmation that we received the request and it's been added to the schedule when time and resources permit.

Step 5.Follow Police Department recommendations

  1. Place the following items of suitable size in a safety deposit box:
    • Jewelry
    • Coin collections
    • Antiques
    • Personal Items with high sentimental value
    • Items with high silver or gold content
  2. Deposit all extra cash into the bank.
  3. Have a neighbor agree to check your house, checking for signs of entry, fire hazards, or water problems. If they see something suspicious they should call 911 immediately.