It's a Good Oops for You in 2024

Published on November 22, 2023

Graphic image that says It's a Good Oops for You

Merriam City Councilmembers recently voted to lower the City’s portion of your property tax rate in 2024. Due to a clerical error, you’ll see even more savings next year!

Instead of the property tax rate decrease of 0.25 mills the City Councilmembers originally approved, the rate was greatly lowered by 4.48 total mills.

Here’s What Happened
We’re human and made a mistake! We used a new form when trying to be more transparent about budgeting within a special financing district. We didn’t catch the mistake when submitting the form to Johnson County and the State of Kansas.

graphic that shows an average $281,000 home value is about an $145 in savings

What We’re Going to Do
Stewardship of your tax dollars is our top priority. This is a big revenue loss for us. We’ll tighten our belts more in 2024 to maintain the high quality of services and programs you expect and deserve. Just know it isn’t sustainable long term. Councilmembers will need to reevaluate and likely increase the City’s property tax rates to appropriate levels during the 2025 budget process. You’ll have more money in your pocket in 2024.

Reach out to us with any questions. Don’t forget we also offer a property tax rebate to income-qualified residents. Find more information here.


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