Merriam’s Crime Analyst Wins International Award

Published on August 31, 2023

Seth Potts holds a crystal award in front of a logo backdrop.

Helping catch criminals using analytics and finding out where car crashes happen most frequently is just part of what Crime Analyst Seth Potts does for the Merriam Police Department.

Since 2016, Potts has worked behind the scenes, using statistics to make work easier for police officers. His efforts are being honored on the international level.

Potts recently attended the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) Conference, where he received the 2023 President Award.

IACA President Mary Bertuccelli said Potts is always willing to help the organization with anything they need with no complaints, from making short Excel tutorials to serving as the logistic chairperson for IACA.

“Logistics isn’t a glamourous role, but it’s so important for us to continue to make progress with one of our main strategic directions of ‘increasing the influence of crime analysts,’ and we couldn’t do it without you,” Bertuccelli said. 

IACA has over 6,000 members from 80+ countries, so Potts said he was surprised to receive the award but incredibly honored.

“I get more support from my department and city than most and have a great network of analysts that are always a huge help,” Potts said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement for me, and I feel lucky to have the support system that has allowed me to be recognized like this.”

Merriam Police Chief Darren McLaughlin said the support system is two-way street.

“Seth’s expertise is amazing. It goes without saying his ability to find, collate, and present data in ways that make it meaning clear to all of us is invaluable,” McLaughlin said. “He’s such a team player and not only helps us here at the Merriam Police Department but lends his knowledge to other departments in the city and is a resource for other police agencies in the Kansas City metro area.”

Potts grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, before moving to Kansas City after graduating from Drury University. He and his wife, Sabrina – a crime analyst for the City of Shawnee – have two kids.